Request For Medical Report

MSU Medical Centre (MSUMC), maintains a confidential medical record for every patient. Your medical report consists of complete information related to your treatment and services received at our specialist centre. During your stay in the hospital or after you have been discharged, you may wish to access information in your medical report.

Our Medical Record Department provides services for the following request:

  • Written medical report

  • Completion of Insurance Claims, SOCSO, KWSP

  • Investigation reports 

  • Copies of referral letter, health screening reports etc


Who can request for a Medical Report?

  • Patient 

  • Next-of-kin

  • Parents of patient for age 18 years and below


What are the documents required?

  • Application Consent Form for Medical Report

  • A copy of patient’s identification card (IC) front and back

  • Formal Application Letter - Insurance/ Claim Form/ Lawyer etc

  • Written Authorisation Letter from patient (if collect on behalf of patient)


How to apply for a Medical Report?

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Phone : 03 - 5526 2626

  • Address : Medical Report Depart, MSU Medical Centre, Jalan Boling Padang, Seksyen    13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia


How soon can I obtain the medical report?

Standard Medical Report/ Insurance Claim is ready for collection within 14 working days from the time of request. There are cases where request may take longer due to:

  • The doctor is away on leave

  • Patient has upcoming clinic appointments

  • Patient has been admitted or hospitalised

  • Patient has multiple reports requested from several doctor


How can I pay for the Medical Report?

  • Cash

  • Credit Card or Debit Card

  • Online Transaction to the following account detail:

Bank : Affin Bank 

Account Name : MSU Holdings Sdn Bhd (MSU Medical Centre)

Account Number : 1066 4000 5864


Medical Report Fee



Simple Insurance Form/SOCSO/EPF (Completed by Medical Officer – ED Doctor). Provides brief information on the final diagnosis, procedure conducted and the consultation dates.


Simple Insurance Form/SOCSO/EPF (Completed by Specialist). Provides brief information on the final diagnosis, procedure conducted and the consultation dates.


Details Insurance Form/SOCSO/EPF (Completed by Specialist). Provides more detailed information on the diagnosis, procedure conducted, the medical conditions and/or treatment given.

RM100.00 - RM150.00

Medical Report - Simple (Written Medical Report by Medical Officer– ED Doctor)


Medical Report - Simple (Written Medical Report by Specialist)


Medical Report for Lawyer - Simple (Written Medical Report by Specialist)


Medical Report for Lawyer - Intermediate (Written Medical Report by Specialist)

RM250.00 - RM400.00

Medical Report for Lawyer - Complex (Written Medical Report by the Specialist that provides a specific opinion or prognosis)

RM500.00 - RM1000.00

Medical Report for Police (Request by the Police Officer only)


Photocopy of Medical Certificate/Lab Result/Radiology Report/others



How will I receive the Medical Report?

Upon completion of your medical report, you will be contacted by our Medical Report Department representative. Report will then be released according to your preference as shown below: 

  1. Self-collection at Medical Report Department 

  2. Send via Mail

  • Mailing address to be provided at the point of application

  • Charges for mailing services 


If you wish to proceed with your request or require further assistance, our team of MSU Medical Centre Medical Record Department (MSUMCRD) are here to assist you.

Checklist for Medical Report Application