Overview MSUMC

Caring, Healing and Educating

MSU Medical Centre (MSUMC) is an enthralling service of Prof. Tan Sri Dato Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid, President and Founder of MSU and MSUMC.

Our private specialist hospital possesses 250 beds and multiple specialist clinics throughout its comprehensive 14 levels and is located in Selangor, Malaysia. We aim to provide a transformative future in health care and envisions to be one of the leading healthcare providers in Asia. Emphasizing care, healing and educating others while achieving better quality of life through our comprehensive healthcare services and innovative technologies.

We understand some may come across a notion of how the hospital environment is, whereby it is a place you come only when you’re sick. However, we have a different perspective about it. With MSU Medical Centre (MSUMC), that is not how we perceive it but rather, it should be a place for you to prolong your health with betterment in all aspects while you are healthy. 

We strive to ensure your individual needs are served by our excellent healthcare personnel and allied healthcare staff with careful consideration and assessment of physical, mental and emotional.  


Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • MSUMC aspires to be a transformative global healthcare provider, offering accessible compelling holistic and integrated services embedding innovation and technology for a better future

Our Mission

  • To provide compelling transformative patients’ experiences within an eco-friendly environment incorporating advances in medical technology, ethical values and social-transformation initiatives

  • To deliver caring, high quality and holistic global healthcare services which are  accessible to all

  • To offer an integrated and collaborative services with healthcare partners stakeholders

  • To manage healthcare services in tandem with the optimization of technology and innovation

  • To inculcate research and education ecosystem meeting the national and global healthcare challenges towards the creation of impactful outcomes for the society

  • To instil the culture of preventive and predictive care that advocate the wellbeing of society for a better future