1. Is MSU Medical Centre open to public?

  • Yes, MSU Medical Centre is a fully private specialist hospital open to all public around the area. 


  1. Is MSU Medical Centre a teaching hospital equipped with teaching facilities for students to do training?

  • No, MSU Medical Centre is a full-fledged hospital with specialist consultant. Procedures and treatments are done by experienced doctors and nurses. 


  1. What is the specialty of MSU Medical Centre compared to other private hospital?

  • MSU Medical Centre is a full-fledged specialist hospital with medical facilities and specialties, with a Traditional Chinese Medicine centre inside our building. 


  1. Does MSU Medical Centre’s Accident and Emergency (A&E)  department accepts non-serious cases, such as flu, tooth aches, headache, broken bones, bruises and cuts?

  • Yes, like any other private specialist hospitals. Our A&E has three (3) different zones designed to treat cases according to the case. 


  1. Is MSU Medical Centre panelled with any insurance/TPA provider?

  • Yes, we do have panels and we accept insurance payment. Direct panel with us are AffinBank and MBSA.

          Read here for more information about listed panels with us:



  1. How do I arrange for an appointment with a specialist at MSU Medical Centre?

  • There are three (3) methods to make an appointment with us. 

          Online Appointment: https://msumedicalcentre.com/#/register

          Call: +603-55262600

          WhatsApp: +603-55262800


  1. How can I arrange an appointment for medical treatment at MSU Medical Centre.

           if I am a tourist/foreigner?

           Online Appointment: https://msumedicalcentre.com/#/register

           Call: +603-55262600

          WhatsApp: +603-55262800