Anaesthesiology certainly is crucial when it comes to total perioperative care of patients before, during and after surgery. Being exposed to a highly responsible and hectic situation requires a skilful team.

At MSU Medical Centre (MSUMC), we provide optimal patient safety by providing comprehensive anaesthesiology services. Aside from the common general anaesthesia, we provide other types of anaesthesia which will be determined by our specialist according to our patients medical condition and history. All discussions will be carried out prior to entering the operation room to ensure the patient is prepared for surgery. 

Our anaesthesiology services encompasses the following: 


Comprises use of injected or/and inhaled medications to produce comfort and loss of sensation in patients, making it possible to carry out procedures that would otherwise cause intolerable pain or be technically unfeasible.

Intensive and Critical Care Medicine

Refers to specialised treatment and life support given to patients who are acutely ill and have life threatening conditions.

Acute Pain Service

Provides post-operative pain relief and assists with the early phase of rehabilitation from surgery.

Obstetric Analgesia Service (Epidural Labour)

Labour analgesia makes it possible to deliver the baby without the labour pain, thus making the moment more memorable.

Pain Management

Before an operation, a patient will meet our anaesthesiologist for an evaluation. The anaesthesiologist will plan for the operation that considers the individual needs of the patient.

An anaesthesiologist who specialises in pain medicine may assist patients who have pain due to a range of causes, including headaches, burns, diabetes and herpes, or where they are experiencing chest pain, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, and so on.